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Why we need to amend the Climate Change Act 2022

People experiencing disadvantage are worst impacted by climate change because they have access to fewer resources or options to cope, adapt and recover.

To limit the impacts and avoid worsening inequality, we need to reduce our carbon emissions fast. We also need to make sure that our transition to a clean economy is fair, equitable and inclusive, so people with the least can benefit and are not made worse off.

Australia, however has no federal framework to explicitly guide and manage the impact of climate change or the transition, fairly, equitably and inclusively.

That’s why 108 organisations from across the community sector have come together to call on the Federal Government to amend the Climate Change Act 2022 to include objectives, principles and processes to guide a fair, equitable and inclusive transition. The amendment should:

  • Ensure fairness and equity, inform the development of policies, programs or processes to achieve Australia’s emissions reduction targets.
  • Acknowledge a duty of care to protect younger people and future generations from climate change.
  • Require the engagement and self-determination of impacted groups in policy development. This includes marginalised communities at greater risk, First Nations Peoples, people living with disabilities, migrants, people experiencing poverty, children, older people and women.

You can view the full statement and list of signatories here.