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Blueprint Framework for Fair, Fast, and Inclusive Climate Change Action

Climate change is threatening our communities, the natural environment and the economy. It disproportionately impacts people and communities experiencing disadvantage, particularly when the transition to a clean economy is slow, inequitable and non-inclusive. However, if we get the policy settings right, we can accelerate action on climate change, reduce poverty and inequality, and create a more sustainable and equitable society.

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has worked with the community sector, climate movement, unions, researchers, and people with lived experience of disadvantage to develop a Blueprint Framework for Fair, Fast and Inclusive Climate Change Action.

The Blueprint Framework aims to guide federal government climate change policy to ensure that, as well as reducing greenhouse emissions, it supports people and communities experiencing disadvantage and increases their resilience to climate change impacts.This approach will help build public support for a faster transition to net zero emissions.

The Blueprint Framework calls for:

  1. A vision to guide climate change action in Australia that is more equitable, inclusive, sustainable and
    resilient to climate change impacts.
  2. Amendments to the Climate Change Act 2022 to include objectives, principles and processes to guide
    a fair, equitable and inclusive transition to net zero emissions, and adapt to the climate change impacts
    already locked in.
  3. Dedicated and place-based engagement mechanisms for affected people, communities and their
    advocates to participate in planning and decision-making. These should prioritise people experiencing
  4. Alignment of Australia’s national emissions reduction target with limiting global warming to 1.5 Celsius.
  5. Reform in 12 strategic policy areas to fairly distribute the impacts and outcomes of action on climate
    change, so people experiencing disadvantage can benefit and are protected from negative impacts

If implemented, the Blueprint Framework will help tackle the climate crisis and deliver significant social,
economic and environmental benefits for everyone.

Download the Blueprint Framework below.